Band Biography

This band brings you over a century of collective performing experience, ranging from Los Angeles to New York, Austin to Boston, and all the way across the Atlantic to Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. This newly-formed collaboration focuses on the song above all. Whether in the studio or on stage, they are dedicated to delivering the song to the listener as directly and effectively as possible.  

Jim Weeks has long been recognized as one of the finest singers and songwriters in the business, but he doesn't stop there: his live performances are dynamic celebrations of survival in the face of life's daily challenges, big and small. His songs are laced with candor, courage and self-awareness  -- they challenge his audience to be as honest with themselves as he dares to be.

Bassist/songwriter Mike Kelly was struck by the emotional power of Jim’s songs the first time he heard him perform at Slater’s in Bolton MA. Having already heard through the grapevine about Mike’s career and talents, Jim's first words were: “Hey Mike, I’m Jim Weeks. We're going to be in a band together.” Several years later, after honing a deep friendship together, they made Jim’s prediction a reality.  

For their first gig together - unrehearsed other than some hastily emailed charts and a last-minute run-through before the show - Jim recruited lead guitarist Brook Meggs. Luckily, Brook brought a telecaster, so he was immediately accepted by all. Brook spent his youth around many legendary musicians, as his father was a senior exec at Capitol Records in the 60’s and 70’s. In recent years, he’s divided his time between songwriting and playing lead guitar for live acts from California to Boston.

Brook brought drummer and longtime friend Mike Levesque into the fold by booking a gig, then scheduling a rehearsal. Jimmy and Mike K weren’t sure what to expect, but after a couple of hard-hitting rockers and dynamic ballads, it was obvious that Levesque was the real deal and a perfect fit for Weeks and company: he embodies the rule that a great drummer understands the structure and feel of a great song. He has performed live and recorded with a long list of stellar artists, including David Bowie, Seven Mary Three, Susan Tedeschi, Juliana Hatfield, Reeves Gabrels, Dave Navarro and many others, and was nominated in both 2017 and 2018 as Session Player Of The Year at the Boston Music Awards.

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